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Frequently Asked Questions / Concerns:

1) My parents and I are concerned about injuries. What are the common wrestling injuries? 

Every activity has its risk of injury. In tennis, volleyball, basketball, water polo you can be hit  with a flying ball. In wrestling if you don't wear ear protection you can get ear bruising, if you don't wear knee pads you can get knee bruises. Injuries are avoided by practicing good technique and our goal as coaches is to prepare you with technique so you don't hurt yourself or hurt your partner. For more information about common injuries please visit this website:

2) I'm concerned about my size, weight, strength.

Don't be concerned. Our teammates range from being 90 lbs to over 200 lbs and we actually want a diverse range in weights because there are 14 positions (weight classes) on a wrestling team! Every participant who joins the team from Day 1 will be provided dedicated training to build your strength regardless of your strength level. How we think about if if you are not strong then there is more room for us to help you improve! There is no ideal height for the team either, you're taught to work with what you have!

3) I think it will cost too much for me to participate.

It generally costs about $55-$155 for wrestling shoes, headgear, kneepads, and a mouthguard if you have braces. We provide you with a school warm-up and a lot of time we can lend you shoes, headgear, and a kneepad.

We also provide scholarships! There has never been a student who has not been able to participate in wrestling because of money. Our program fundraises extensively and are also supported by M-A Boosters, if you think cost and money will prevent you from joining please talk to a coach first! We can help!

4) My GPA is too low.

Our team holds one of the highest GPAs in the Central Coast Section (that is over 100 schools!). We do it because we are supportive and work with teammates to help them. During the season if needed we hold 1-1.5 study sessions! We want to continue our 2 year streak of earning the C.C.S. Scholastic Award to recognize our hard work on the mat and also off the mat as students!

5) (Parent Question) Is there pressure for my daughter to maintain a certain weight?

No, there is no pressure to maintain a certain weight, in fact we encourage students to have a complete diet of vegetables, carbs, protein daily. We do ask the students to make healthy food choices.

Wrestling has 14 weight classes and your daughter will choose which weight classes she would like to represent.

They are: 101, 106, 111, 116, 121, 126, 131, 137, 143, 150, 160, 170, 189 and 235 pounds.

6) (Parent Question) What measures do you take for safety?

  • We teach safety as part of practice through drilling and technique. For supervision, there will be several coaches and often a parent at every practice.

  • Coaches attend each match and "corner" a wrestlers match.

    • It is the responsibility of the referee to stop potentially dangerous situations

    • It is the responsibility of the coach to recognize dangerous situations and inform the referee

    • It is the responsibility of the wrestler to practice safe technique

  • We don't advance wrestlers into competition until the wrestler is physically and mentally prepared 

  • We do not encourage/push wrestlers to participate if they are injured or ill

7) (Parent Question) My daughter will consistently miss a every week.

​To get the full benefit of our coaching staff and the experience with being a team, students are asked to attend practice Monday - Friday. We do understand some families have circumstances, which will make this near impossible. Please come speak to the head coach and we can discuss alternative solutions.

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