Wrestling Tryouts begin on Monday! Next week is a "free" no-obligation opportunity to check out what girls wrestling is all about. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 11/4/2019. Please review the important information below:

Expectations of Coaches:
You should expect a fun and rewarding workout and learn wrestling skills.

Expectations of Students:
Be respectful, focused, supportive of each other. A great attitude is your ticket to stay. This team is a family, if you are interested in just getting a sense of what our team is about I encourage you to watch the inspiring story of our recent State Champion: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/video/inspiring-story-menlo-athertons-folashade-akinola

Financial Aid is Available
We will support anyone willing to work hard in our room, financial limitations should not be a reason for you not to participate. If you are in need of financial assistance especially for clothes / equipment email Donna Tomkins <donnat@gmail.com> and she can help guide you through our financial grant process.

(1) Time: We start promptly at 4:30pm (this means be ready in your workout clothes & shoes). Practice will end before 7:00pm.  I highly suggest coming 15 minutes early to get into workout gear & clothes.

(2) Equipment Obtain/Bring compression tops suggest purchasing 3-5 practice compression shirts! for $9.99 50% discount for a limited time + free shipping
Obtain/Bring compression bottoms suggest purchasing 3-5 practice for $9.99 50% discount for a limited time + free shipping

(3) Obtain/Bring wrestling shoes & running shoes

We have used wrestling shoes in the wrestling room if you don't have shoes


(4) Hygiene: Cut your nails short. We will not provide nail clippers. If your nails are long you'll cut your partners, bring something to tie up your hair and keep it there. Remove all jewelry (nose rings, belly rings, ear rings etc)

(5) Nutrition: Bring a full 1 Liter water bottle to hydrate, we do not use the fountain. Eat before practice, you'll need 2000+ calories a day for energy for our activities

(6) Wrestler & Parent Handbook - Read & Review the Wrestler & Parent Handbook.


(7) Take the Handbook Quiz - To assure you understand the wrestler & parent handbook take this mandatory quiz before Monday -> https://forms.gle/mBPLCBtgsxSrVxpz9

Thank you

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